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Tested, Proven Skill Enhancement Training for young players through Professional

As s professional basketball trainer certified I’mPossible Trainer and Athletic Performance Specialist, I enhance your skills to elevate your game and help you reach your goals.

You’re going to explore your weaknesses with me. Together, we will embark on enhancing your skills as a “total package” basketball player –rather than training for a predetermined position on the court (guard, forward, etc.).  With this training regimen, you will be a highly skilled player who is better equipped to deal with in-game situations. Guaranteed.

What I Offer:

See Measurable Growth: Learn to train in ways that simulate game-like situations to aggressively confront weaknesses and expose where you need to improve in real-time.

Innovative, Out of the Box Training Style: Gain access to best performance tools for accountability & learn to self-assess and make corrections on your own.

Get A Personalized Plan And Process: Get a personalized plan and process to repeat on your own time with the toolset to “stack” skills as you progress.

Get Ongoing Mentorship: We will have an ongoing mentorship and a guiding relationship to help align your plan with the proper focus in your workouts to reach your goals.

I’ve learned  from the creator of the modern day training methodology, Micah Lancaster, and offer NBA style training  for top college players from VA Tech and Notre Dame to training the following professional players:  Danny Lawhorn, Jared Wilson, Kahari Beaufort, Alyssa Velles, Shawn Selton, Elijah Pemberton,

Jaquann Starks


Jaquann Starks

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